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About the company

Almanal contracting

Al Manal contracting is one of the most prosperous and developed companies in the construction market in Qatar. Where this advantage was derived from its founder with long experience in the Qatari market, he founded this company منذ a year ago and the company has implemented many pioneering and quality projects, keeping in mind the slogan of efficiency, commitment, quality

Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in the field of Electrical and mechanical engineering and efficient and safe electrical and Mechanical Contractors (MEP). We seek to invest and grow in our relationships with developers, investors and service providers alike. We aim to provide the best solutions that suit everyone in order to enhance productivity and sustainable growth

  1. Establish valuable and long-term relationships with our customers and partners
  2. Managing large and complex projects.
  3. Enhance the company's reputation and trust.
  4. Successfully compete in the contracting market through high-efficiency professionalism
  5. And integrity in order to maintain our outstanding reputation
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The secret of our success




Official papers and construction completion certificates

Official papers and certificates of completion of construction form an essential part of the records of the contracting company, as they reflect professionalism and quality in the implementation of projects. These documents play an important role in legal documentation and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, which enhances customer confidence and contributes to the company's success in the field of contracting.

The workforce of Al-Manal contracting company

Learn more about the company's workforce and board team