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Board of directors

Name: The center
محمود حامد
General manager
مهندس فالنتينو لوريانو
مدير المكتب الفنى
مهندس دومينيك باراينو
مدير التشغيل
جولينا غانديزا لوبرين
Marketing and public relations manager
السيد عبدالله
Project manager
كريستل أوريا إيبانيز
Human resources manager
أحمد ابراهيم خيرالله
Financial director

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The workforce

The workforce of Al Manal contracting company is an indispensable element for achieving the goals and success of the company. Our team has high professionalism and diverse skills, which contributes to achieving outstanding performance in a wide range of projects.

The trained workforce ensures the implementation of projects with high quality and with excellent efficiency levels. The staff has practical experience and a deep understanding of the technical and managerial challenges related to the construction and contracting fields.

The collaborative culture within the company promotes effective communication between team members, which enhances their common understanding of the project goals and the need for joint work to achieve success. Besides, the diversity in the workforce contributes to enriching the ideas and opinions of the team, which opens the way for innovation and continuous development.

In this way, our workforce becomes not just an essential component, but a vital partner in achieving success and continuity in the world of contracting and project management.

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Labor Observer
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Plumbing technician
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Pipe repairman
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Labour leader
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The canal man
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